Check in. Unpack. Relax. Take a shower.


“We accept her! One of us! One of us!”

Okay, so I couldn’t resist starting with a quote. I fear that will be the case from time to time, boils and ghouls, so I hope you don’t mind. But I like this quote, not just because it’s from a disturbing movie I first saw on Dialing for Dollars as a kid, but also because it feels somewhat fitting for what I’m attempting to achieve with this blog.

I want to write and chat about horror movies, creepy fiction, frightening television and the like. I plan to discuss and review new movies, old shows, crazy collectibles, and all sorts of stuff in between. I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs and pages out there that aim to do the same, but I’m hoping that I’m coming at it from a different angle… That of a thirty-something year old female who is performing in the circus sideshow as a mom, wife and pop culture obsessed chick.

No one ever said I had to grow up.

I chose the name MOMster Movies because, hey, I have kids and I love horror pictures. Novel, right? But I also haven’t really found another place online where I feel like my favorite genre and my life collide to create a horrifically happy marriage.

So what am I aiming for? Not just women, and not simply horror. I’m thinking topics like “When should I introduce my tween to horror movies?” needs discussing. Nostalgia trips discussing classic movies and shows, favorite books and comics. I’m sure you’ll also get subjects like, “Here’s my two day old discussion of The Walking Dead (because my kid was up sick on Sunday night and I didn’t get to watch it on time).”

Sound like your sort of freakish fun? Check in. Unpack. Relax… you get the idea.

In short: I am a horror loving, pop culture obsessed female who is married with children and I want to connect, discuss and run amok with you on these fandoms.

Join me, won’t you?